5 Benefits of Using Red Light Therapy

Exposure to red light therapy which is also called the cold laser therapy is meant to elicit effects when the red light wavelengths penetrate the underlying tissue. This therapy is known for its ability to treat various conditions. It deals with conditions such as arthritis or related skin conditions. The therapy is often preferred because of its lack of side effects. Outlined below are five health advantages of using red light therapy.

Heals Wounds
Studies show that this kind of therapy is effective at healing wounds that are often caused by different conditions. The therapy has the ability to heal oral related wounds that often come due to oral surgery. Additionally, some studies show that the red light therapy can heal wounds which are usually found on the feet of diabetic patients. Therefore, one way of eliminating the pain that is caused by wounds is by using red light therapy.

Good for the Skin
The second benefit of the red light therapy is that it is perfect for skin related conditions. You can rejuvenate your skin by using this form of therapy to deal with wrinkles and scars. If you have wrinkles for example, red light therapy ensures that your skin produces more collagen which keeps your skin smooth and looking young. After a short time, one begins to experience a difference on their skin as a result of the therapy.

Gets Rid of Pain
The red light therapy can also get rid of pain. It has been useful among individuals who experience pain caused by a spinal injury or chemotherapy. A study that was done showed that cancer patients who were exposed to red light therapy after chemotherapy experienced relief and significant pain reduction.

Reduces Hair Loss
Another benefit of red light therapy is that it has the ability to reverse hair loss and balding. Using this kind of therapy can help you to make sure that your hair is thick and dense as well. As a result, you will end up having stronger hair that grows quickly. A study that was carried out to show this effect, indicated that all those participants who wore a helmet that emitted red light wavelengths were able to see changes a few weeks after the therapy was over. Their hair started growing for those who were bald and for those whose hair was weak, they experienced reduced hair loss.

Increases Circulation
To sum up, red light therapy is amazing at enhancing blood flow. When the light is allowed to penetrate the skin, new capillaries are formed. This causes an increase in blood circulation. An increase in blood circulation is useful because it gives the body more stamina and engaging in physical activities becomes easier.

All these are some of the significant benefits of using red light therapy.

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Looking On The Bright Side of Resources